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The arts enable students to use their minds in ways that refine their sensibilities, that promote the development of their imaginations and give them a voice though which to express themselves. Artistic study empowers our students to unlock their full creative, academic and personal potential. 

By opening up opportunities such as summer intensives, camps and private lessons and other experiences, we can increase this potential even more. This year’s paddle raise will generate needed funds to provide scholarships for students in all of ACMA’s pathways, enabling them to access opportunities in both the arts and in core academic subjects. All of our students deserve the opportunity to further explore what they love or have curiosity about. All of our students will be able to request access to these funds, regardless of hardship or circumstance.

You can do so much to help our students succeed if you give generously to this year’s paddle raise. Your gift is tax deductible and qualifies for a donation match from the Oregon Cultural Trust. What if your gift allowed one student to recognize his or her potential? That would make your gift priceless.





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